Find Orientation in the Ocean of Text 


A Tool for Data Extraction and Dataset Generation

CorpusCompass is a work in progress aimed for linguistic data processing. Whether you're new to programming or simply looking for an efficient way to process linguistic data, our tool is designed to assist. It's common in linguistic research to be overwhelmed by vast amounts of data, whether it's data you've collected yourself or pre-existing text.  CorpusCompass is your compass within the ocean of text, allowing you to maintain clarity and find your way.

CorpusCompass is designed with your linguistic research needs in mind:

Research Team

Project Manager

Muhadj Adnan

Arabic Linguistics - University of Bayreuth, Germany

Lead Developer

Dr. Ing. Nicolo' Brandizzi

Computer Science - Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Professor of Mobile Intelligent User Interfaces

Prof. Dr. Daniel Buschek

University of Bayreuth, Germany

Student Assistant (Developer)

Jonas Adler

University of Bayreuth, Germany

Student Assistant (Developer)

Carsten Scholle

University of Bayreuth, Germany


Supporting Institutions